Become a patron

Figure.NZ is a registered charity and has patrons who donate towards the establishment and upkeep of topic areas they care about. Once a topic area is resourced, the Figure.NZ team scans both domestic and international sources for relevant data and then works to extract that data and make it available in graphs, tables and through our public API. Content is then available for everyone to freely access and reuse, pertaining to the conditions of the original source.

Benefits of being a patron include:

  • Make your organisation a recognised leader on issues you care about, with your own page on the site showing your logo, a link to your site, a description about yourselves and thumbnails of all the content associated with your topic area.
  • Improve the state of knowledge on your topic: we gather data and create graphs to populate new topic areas.
  • Demonstrate tangible support for the idea of a more informed nation without necessarily providing any data (although data is always welcomed).
  • Get one workshop or presentation per year for your team and others you may wish to invite, presenting content that has been created from your support and the wider benefits it will have for the people of New Zealand
  • Attention through social media and in presentations we do to a wide variety of audiences.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of the excellent organisations who have become patrons.

To become the patron of a topic area you care about, please email us or give Lillian Grace a call on +64 21 234 2374.