Figure.NZ runs on a bespoke technology stack, developed in-house as a result of a two year requirements-gathering process.

You can view a behind-the-scenes demo video here, which includes the chart designer we will be making publicly available.

Hosted on Amazon EC2 in Sydney, the stack comprises two main components. One system is a sophisticated tool for extracting data from documents, systems such as CKAN and APIs such as SDMX, while the second system delivers the public web presence for Figure.NZ.

Both systems are based largely on Python and MongoDB, connected via a RESTful API. A high-level design goal is that the Figure.NZ web site is built from exactly the same API we will soon make available to the public.

We like Flask for the delivery of templated web content, we use Bootstrap and React for responsive layouts and admin interfaces, and our charts are delivered using D3.js and Vega. Our site search is powered by Elasticsearch.