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Victimisations of boys aged 0-4 in New Zealand

By offence, 2021, number of victimisations

0100200300Serious assault not resulting in injurySerious assault resulting in injuryAggravated sexual assaultCommon assaultTheft not elsewhere classifiedAbduction and kidnappingTheft of motor vehicle parts or contentsIllegal use of a motor vehicleIllegal use of property (except motor vehicles)Non-aggravated sexual assaultUnlawful entry with intent/burglary, break and enterBlackmail and extortionAggravated robberyTheft from a person (excluding by force)Theft from retail premisesTheft of a motor vehicleNon-aggravated robberyVictimisations of boys aged 0-4 in New ZealandBy offence, 2021, number of victimisationsProvider: New Zealand Police