Proportion of women employed in New Zealand tertiary education providers

By sub-sector, 2000–2014, % of academic staff

Data calculation/treatment

Data relates to the full-time equivalent staff employed during the last week in July or the first week in August.
To allow comparisons over time, the colleges of education data, and data from polytechnics who have merged with universities, has been included with the universities' data. The four mergers of the colleges of education with the universities took place over the years 2004 to 2007.
Data have been rounded to protect the privacy of individuals and counts may not add to the total.

The original spreadsheet was re-formatted by Figure.NZ due to processing requirements

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Ministry of Education

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Tertiary Education Resources: Human Resources 2016 (f)


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File as imported: Tertiary Education Resources: Human Resources 2016 (f)

From the dataset Tertiary Education Resources: Human Resources 2016 (f), this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: HNR.6
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This data forms the table Tertiary Education - Proportion of female academic staff by tertiary education provider 2000–2014.

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May 02, 2016

About this dataset

This dataset relates to staffing in tertiary education.