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Estimated New Zealand population

As at 30 June 1937–2019, millions


Estimated de facto population: De facto population estimates include all people present in New Zealand and counted by the census (census night population count).
Estimated resident population: The estimated resident population is based on the census usually resident population count, updated for residents missed or counted more than once by the census (net census undercount); and births, deaths, and net migration between census night and the date of the estimate.

Limitations of the data

The population estimates are subject to revision to fully incorporate 2018 Census and census coverage results later in 2020, as well as revisions to international migration estimates.

Changes to data collection/processing

Estimates from 1991 onwards are not strictly comparable with estimates for earlier years, due to conceptual differences.

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Stats NZ

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Estimates and Projections: Historical population estimates tables 2019

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This dataset is no longer available in this format.

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This data forms the table Population - Estimated population by year ended June 1926–2019.

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May 18, 2020

About this dataset

National population estimates give the best measure between census dates of the population that usually lives in an area, by age and sex, for the total New Zealand area.