New cancer registrations in the New Zealand male population

By cancer site or type, 2016


The number of new cancers reflects the number of primary tumours rather than the number of individuals with cancer.

Data calculation/treatment

Rates are expressed per 100,000 population and age-standardised to the WHO World Standard Population. The population is based on official estimates as at 31 December.

Limitations of the data

Caution is advised when interpreting rates derived from small numbers as they may fluctuate markedly from year to year.


Multiple cancers with the same site and same morphological group are excluded.

Data provided by

Ministry of Health

Dataset name

Cancer: New cancer registrations 2016


How to find the data

At URL Provided, select 'New cancer registrations, 2016' Excel file.
Please note the original spreadsheet was re-formatted by Figure.NZ for the purpose of processing in machine-readable format.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Cancer: New cancer registrations 2016

From the dataset Cancer: New cancer registrations 2016, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Cancer groups
  • Range: H8:N89
  • Provided: 440 data points

This data forms the table Cancer - New registrations and rates for all types of cancer 2016.

Dataset originally released on:

December 12, 2018

About this dataset

This data provides high-level data on new cancer registrations (or cases), including information about the most common cancers registered and breakdowns by common demographic variables.

Method of collection/Data provider

This data is sourced from the New Zealand Cancer Registry.