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Figure.NZ offers commercial services to organisations that want to make data publicly accessible. The data we hold is free for anyone to use and re-use, subject only to the license terms for that data and our reasonable terms and conditions. Charging organisations that want to make data available enables us to provide this site free to all users, to truly democratise data.

Our services are cheaper, faster and better than the alternatives, and they benefit New Zealand.

Our services are cheaper because we already have all the systems in place to import, process and display data, and make it available for others to download and to use. We deal with all of the pesky background issues so that you do not have to, like beautiful data display on multiple devices including mobile, and easy API access.

Our services are faster because we work quickly, because the only thing we do is make data more accessible, and because our computer systems are designed for only this purpose. We like to work iteratively, so we do not waste any time doing things that you do not want.

And our services are better because we already have an audience that will be interested in your data, we can combine and compare your information with the information we already hold, and because we are independent: a social enterprise with just one aim, to get people using data about New Zealand.

We also have some technical advantages. In particular, our search function is awesome and continuously improving. We can tag your content to make it easy to find. And we "type" every unit of data that we collect, which means it can be easily adjusted for inflation or to per capita figures or percentages.

Here are three possible uses that you might see:

  • You might want us to put together an array of data on a particular topic, without being too sure of exactly what you want covered.
  • You might want us to open up a particular dataset, making it accessible to a new or existing audience.
  • You might want to put a collection of data and graphs online as part of a published report, and to have your audience know the graphs were created by an independent organisation. We can take data in any format and make graphs for you so that you do not have to.

Our services are very competitively priced. At present they are also tailored to each project. To discuss what we can do, email us or call Hayden Glass on +64 21 689 176.