Gambling - Gambling operators financial statistics by type (Actual) 2011–2020

Department of Internal Affairs


All values are actual (not inflation adjusted), in NZ dollars, GST inclusive.


Financial year-end: the gambling operator's reported balance date. In most cases this will be 30 June. In some cases, however, the balance date differs (e.g. New Zealand Racing Board at 31 July and Dunedin Casino at 31 March).
Expenditure: also known as "gross profit" or "casino win", means the gross amount wagered by gamblers, less the amount paid out or credited as prizes or dividends. In other words, "expenditure" is the amount lost or spent by players, as well as the gross profit of the gambling operator.
Prizes: also known as "dividends", means the cash amount, or the cash value of prizes, paid out or credited to players.
Turnover: the total (gross) amount wagered by gamblers. This figure is published by the New Zealand Lotteries Commission and by the New Zealand Racing Board for TAB betting. It includes a "churn" factor, or re-investment, where the same dollar is counted more than once. This is particularly relevant for rapid re-investment forms of gaming like gaming machines or race betting. For example, if a player has $20 to spend on a gaming machine and plays until the full $20 is lost, it is possible that this $20 will be recorded on the machine's meters as $120 or more of turnover (gross amount wagered). Turnover is not an indicator of the amount spent by players or of the profit of the operator.

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Limitations of the data

With each new release of this information, gambling operators review their previous years' data and, where necessary, provide revised information.

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Gambling Statistics: Gambling Expenditure Statistics Table 2019/2020


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March 11, 2021

About this dataset

Gambling Expenditure Statistics show the amount lost by gamblers (operator’s profits) for the four main types of gambling activity – TAB racing and sports betting, NZ Lotteries products, gaming machines (outside casinos) and casino gambling – at the end of each financial year.

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The Department has compiled these statistics using information from the Electronic Monitoring System and gambling operators.