Homeschooling - Students by gender 1998–2020

Ministry of Education


Homeschooling: In New Zealand, all children aged between 6 and 16 years of age are required to enrol in and attend a registered school. Home education (or homeschooling) is where parents or legal guardians take responsibility for the education of their children, instead of enrolling them in school.

Data calculation/treatment

Numbers are sourced from the Ministry of Education's Homeschooling database and are as at 1 July.
Ethnicity data is collected as a multiple response. However, in these figures, each person is included only once in the total. People are allocated to one of the ethnic groups they have recorded that they affiliate with, according to a prioritisation rule. The order of priority is Māori, Pacifc Peoples, Asian, MELAA (Middle Eastern, Latin American, and African), other groups except European/Pākehā, and European/Pākehā.


Students enrolled at Te Kura (The Correspondence School) are not included in the homeschooling numbers.

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Ministry of Education

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Homeschooling: Number of Students by Time series 2020


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At URL provided, select 'Number of Students by Time Series 1998-2020' under the Summary heading.

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File as imported: Homeschooling: Number of Students by Time series 2020

From the dataset Homeschooling: Number of Students by Time series 2020, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Student Gender
  • Range: B4:X6
  • Provided: 69 data points

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December 2020