Forestry - Stock levels of wood product (Quarterly) 1988–2015

Ministry for Primary Industries

Limitations of the data

Sawn timber stocks are an estimate of the quantity of sawn timber in the sawmills' yards at the end of the period.
Individual entries may not sum to totals shown due to rounding.
Sawn timber stocks from indigenous forests were formerly known as sawn timber stocks from natural forests.
Sawn timber stocks from planted production forests were formerly known as exotic sawn timber stocks.
There has been a change in methodology for reporting indigenous sawn timber from September 2007.

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Ministry for Primary Industries

Dataset name

Forestry Production and Trade Information: Stocks 2015


How to find the data

At URL provided, select 'September 2015 quarter stocks' from under the 'Quarterly production and trade information' heading. Note that this data has been collated and formatted by MPI for Figure.NZ, so the data available to download from our site is different to that available on MPI's website.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Forestry Production and Trade Information: Stocks 2015

From the dataset Forestry Production and Trade Information: Stocks 2015, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Stocks
  • Range: C2:C1145
  • Provided: 1,144 data points

Method of collection/Data provider

MPI surveys wood processors from around New Zealand, both quarterly and annually, for their production information. Each survey represents about 200 timber, panel, and pulp mills throughout New Zealand. This production information is then compiled with export data sourced from Statistics New Zealand. Combining these two data sets allows MPI to calculate an estimate for the roundwood removed from New Zealand forests each quarter. This estimate for roundwood removals is then released quarterly, along with production and trade information.