Tertiary Education - Non-formal students and equivalent full-time student units (EFTS) in language courses by language group, language, gender and age group 2011–2020

Ministry of Education


Formal: Students enrolled at any time during the year with a tertiary education provider in formal qualifications of greater than 0.03 EFTS (more than one week's full-time duration).
Non-Formal: Students enrolled in non-formal qualifications such as adult community education, certificate of personal interest and programmes taught under contract.

Equivalent full-time student (EFTS): the student workload that would normally be carried out in a single academic year (or a 12-month period) by a student enrolled full-time.
ESOL: English as a second or foreign language.

Data calculation/treatment

Students are counted in each group of language courses they enrol in, so the sum of the various language groupings may not add to the total.
The total for age groups include students with unknown age.
Values have been rounded to the nearest 5 to protect the privacy of individuals, so the sum of individual values may not add to the total.


The data includes both domestic and international students.
Other than public providers, the data includes those private training establishments that received Student Achievement Component funding, and/or had students with student loans or allowances, and/or Youth Guarantee programmes.


Data excludes all on-job industry training.

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Ministry of Education

Dataset name

Tertiary Education Participation: Languages 2020



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At URL provided, download the file 'Languages'.

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File as imported: Tertiary Education Participation: Languages 2020

From the dataset Tertiary Education Participation: Languages 2020, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: LANG5
  • Range: F5:Y349
  • Provided: 6,900 data points

Dataset originally released on:

June 2021

About this dataset

These statistics relate to participation in language courses at tertiary education providers.