Education - Teacher headcount in State and State Integrated Schools, by territorial authority 2004–2018

Ministry of Education


Teacher: Employee on a teaching agreement and received at least one ‘normal’ salary payment for the year. Teachers who work in multiple roles are reported against the role in which they worked the most hours during the year.
Main teacher role: The main teacher role is defined as the role where the employee worked the most full-time teacher equivalents (FTTEs) during the entire year as a teacher.

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All types of teachers are included - fixed term, permanent and day relief staff.


Teachers at Te Kura who are employed on an Early Childhood teaching agreement and teachers who work for only a small fraction of the year (that is, less than one day) are excluded.
Some teachers who have resigned towards the end of the year will receive their last payment just before the start of term 1. These teachers would therefore be inappropriately included in the next year’s data and are excluded.

Changes to data collection/processing

In 2018, the Ministry of Education developed a new data series for the schooling workforce. This is based on a calendar year, rather than a point in time (single pay run) as occurs with the old measure (which was based on the first pay run in April) The new data series therefore includes a greater number of teachers.
The new data series covers a twelve month period with the start of the year being the first pay period that is fully within January.
The new schooling workforce data series includes composite schools in the secondary sector.

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Ministry of Education

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Teaching Staff: Breakdown by Headcount 2018


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At URL provided, select 'Breakdown by Headcount' from under the 'Teaching Staff by Selected Dimensions' heading.

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File as imported: Teaching Staff: Breakdown by Headcount 2018

From the dataset Teaching Staff: Breakdown by Headcount 2018, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: TA - Headcount
  • Range: C3:Q635
  • Provided: 9,360 data points

About this dataset

This data series presents demographic information on teachers in state and state integrated schools and covers a twelve month period with the start of the year being the first pay period that is fully within January.

Method of collection/Data provider

The size of the teaching workforce can be measured either as a headcount or in terms of full-time teacher equivalents (FTTE). FTTE data are only available from 2014 onwards - data from previous years are not comparable due to changes in definitions.