Tax - Donations tax credits claims by taxable income band and type of donation 2012–2019

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Payroll giving: a scheme which allows employees to donate money to an approved donee organisation (an organisation that has Inland Revenue-approved donee status) of their choice by having a deduction taken direct from their gross pay and receive immediate tax credits that reduce their PAYE payable. Only employers who electronically file their employer monthly schedule and deduction form can choose to offer payroll giving to their employees.

Data calculation/treatment

The donation tax credit is 33.33% of qualifying donations paid by individuals to approved charitable organisations.
A maximum qualifying donations cap of $1,890 was applied from 2003 until 2008.
The maximum allowable donation is up to the taxpayer's total taxable income for the year.


Donations totalling less than $5 do not qualify for a tax donations tax credit.
Information on donation tax credits contained in this dataset does not include tax credits derived from charitable giving via payroll giving which was introduced in January 2010.

Changes to data collection/processing

The upper dollar limit on how much donations tax credit could be claimed by an individual was removed in 2008/09.

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Tax Statistics: Donation tax credits 2019


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