Tertiary Education - Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) quality evaluation results for universities 2003–2012

Ministry of Education


Source: Tertiary Education Commission.
Only university data is presented here as participation of TEOs in the other sub-sectors has varied over time. University data includes colleges of education.
The 2006 quality evaluation was a partial round, where staff who had already participated in the 2003 quality evaluation did not have to submit a new evidence portfolio.

Category A = the researcher is conducting highly original or innovative research recognised as being of world class standard
Category B = a researcher whose work is original or innovative, recognised in New Zealand or elsewhere, esteemed by the academic community beyond the researcher's own institution
Category C = meaning the researcher applies existing methodologies, acknowledged by peers as having a sound research base. NE means new and emerging. There was no C(NE) category for new and emerging researchers in the 2003 quality evaluation.

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Tertiary Education Research: Research Performance 2015



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December 21, 2015

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This dataset includes statistics relating to the nature and amount of research undertaken in tertiary education.