Agriculture - Māori farm land use by type 2020

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For Māori farms averages are calculated on the total number of farms, including horticulture and forestry farms.


‘Farm’ denotes one or more blocks of land, managed as a single operation, engaged in agricultural activity. Activities include livestock farming, horticulture, viticulture, nurseries, forestry, growing grain and seed crops, and land that could be used for these purposes.

Data calculation/treatment

Māori farms were identified by matching any Māori enterprise found from either the Business Register’s list of Māori authorities, the Business Operations Survey’s Māori business question, or through Poutama Trust with the Agriculture Production Survey.

The 2020 survey had a sample size of 25,400 geographic locations.

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Limitations of the data

All results from these collections are subject to non-sampling error, and sampling error.

Changes to data collection/processing

2019 questionnaire changes (from 2018) included following changes:
Irrigation – did not include questions on area actually irrigated
Horticulture – did not include questions on the area of fruit trees and vines planted, and the area of vegetables and other horticulture crops harvested.
Other livestock – did not include a question on buffaloes
Forestry – did not include questions on forestry production
Wool – include questions on the weight of shorn wool sold for different micron ranges.

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Agricultural Production Statistics: Māori farms tables June 2020


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May 07, 2021

About this dataset

The 2019 Agriculture Production Survey is part of an ongoing programme of agricultural production statistics conducted in partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries. Previous sample surveys were held in 2003–06, 2008–11, and 2013–16 and 2018–2020, with censuses in 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017.
Agriculture Production Survey measures farming operations below the enterprise level.