Health - Cancer deaths for males for selected cancers 1948–2011

Ministry of Health


Note 1: The rate shown is the age-standardised rate (ASR) per 100,000 population standardised to the World Health Organisation (WHO) world standard population.
Note 2: Blank areas indicate information is not available for that cancer.
Note 3: See coding information for full details of sites included in each ICD code in original source document

Data calculation/treatment

This document contains summarised cancer information, detailing numbers and rates of new cancer registrations and cancer deaths by year and by sex. Only selected cancers are shown.

The registration data in this document reflects the data published in the Ministry of Health’s Cancer: New registrations and deaths publication for that particular year, and does not reflect any subsequent updates made to the New Zealand Cancer Registry.

Some Ministry publications contain more up-to-date cancer registration information, and therefore registration numbers in these publications will differ from those presented here.

Information relating to cancer deaths is unlikely to change over time.

The data in this document is sourced from the New Zealand Cancer Registry and the Ministry of Health's Mortality Collection, as well as the Cancer: New Registrations and Deaths and Mortality and Demographic data publications, and Medical Statistics of New Zealand for data relating to 1948-1960.

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Ministry of Health

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Cancer: Historical summary 2011


How to find the data > Publications > Cancer historical summary 1948–2011 > Downloads: Cancer: Historical summary 1948–2011 (xlsx, 235 KB)

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September 17, 2014