Population - Estimated private dwellings (as at quarter ended) 1991 Q1–2021 Q2

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A private dwelling accommodates a person or a group of people, but is not available to the public. A private dwelling may be permanent or temporary. Permanent private dwellings include houses and flats, residences attached to a business or institution; baches, cribs and huts. Caravans, cabins, tents and other makeshift dwellings that are the principal or usual residence of households are classified as temporary private dwellings.

The tenure 'owner-occupied' includes dwellings owned by individuals or held in a family trust (from 2006).
The tenure 'provided free' includes dwellings provided free to households by individuals, private trusts, businesses, and government agencies.

Data calculation/treatment

Estimates of private dwellings by tenure are derived by applying tenure proportions to the private dwelling estimates.
The tenure proportions are based on census information on tenure of households in private occupied dwellings (excluding visitor-only dwellings).
The intercensal tenure proportions are calculated by linearly interpolating between the census tenure proportions.
From the March 2018 quarter, the tenure proportions applied to the dwelling estimate are held constant at the 2018 Census tenure proportions.

Limitations of the data

These figures are estimates based on previous Census data and will be revised when more accurate information is made available.


This estimate includes permanent and temporary private occupied dwellings as well as unoccupied dwellings.


The estimate excludes non-private dwellings and dwellings under construction.

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Estimates and Projections: Estimated Private Dwellings, As At Quarter Ended June 2021



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July 07, 2021

Purpose of collection

The Dwelling and Household estimates are used for many purposes including planning, policy formation, business decisions, and as 'bottom lines' in the calculation of market coverage rates.

Method of collection/Data provider

The private dwelling estimates have as a base the census count of occupied private dwellings plus unoccupied dwellings from the 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006, 2013, and 2018 Censuses.