Local Government - Rates rebates by local council 2007–2018

Department of Internal Affairs

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Department of Internal Affairs

Dataset name

Rates Rebates Statistics: June 2018



How to find the data

At URL provided under the 'Financial information' section, click on 'Rates Rebates Statistics' Excel file.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Rates Rebates Statistics: June 2018

From the dataset Rates Rebates Statistics: June 2018, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: rates rebates
  • Range: B5:Y80
  • Provided: 1,800 data points

Dataset originally released on:

September 12, 2018

About this dataset

This dataset includes the number of applicants granted a rates rebate and the total value of rates rebates granted.

Method of collection/Data provider

This information was collected from the Electronic Rebate Management System database (the database) managed by the Department of Internal Affairs (the Department).
The database is populated with information taken from each rates rebate application granted by councils and uploaded to the database. The information has been taken as reported from these sources.