Trade - Re-exports by HS2 commodity (Annual-Dec) 1988–2016

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Merchandise exports (excluding re-exports) are goods of domestic origin exported from New Zealand to another country.
Free on board: The value of exported goods at New Zealand ports before export.

Data calculation/treatment

Data is provisional for the three most recently released months.
All dollar values are in New Zealand dollars unless otherwise stated.

For more information

Please see for details on the New Zealand Harmonised System Classification 2012

Limitations of the data

Aggregated Harmonised System (HS) codes may include confidential 10 digit codes, in which case the summed data will exclude the confidential value(s).

Changes to data collection/processing

From January 2012, Statistics NZ compiled overseas merchandise trade (OMT) data using the Harmonised System classification (HS2012). Before January 2012, HS2007 applies.
The classification change means data users need to take care when analysing time-series data, although changes from this review are not as significant as when HS2007 was introduced.

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Stats NZ

Dataset name

Overseas Merchandise Trade: Re-exports by HS2 commodity (total all countries) 1988–2016


How to find the data

At URL provided, select Imports and Exports -> Harmonised Trade - Re-Exports. To create table, select desired HS categories from lower left-hand box and click 'Add', then click 'Go'. Select desired time periods from upper left-hand box, then move 'New Zealand Harmonised System Classification' to the left of the table below, and 'Time' to the top, then press go.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Overseas Merchandise Trade: Re-exports by HS2 commodity (total all countries) 1988–2016

From the dataset Overseas Merchandise Trade: Re-exports by HS2 commodity (total all countries) 1988–2016, this data was extracted:

  • Rows: 5-103
  • Columns: 2-30
  • Provided: 2,871 data points

Dataset originally released on:

March 2017

About this dataset

Overseas merchandise trade statistics include all merchandise imported into or exported from New Zealand. This is known as the "general" system of recording trade statistics as defined by the UN Statistical Commission.
Merchandise trade includes goods that add to or subtract from the material resources in New Zealand as a result of their movement in or out of the country.

Method of collection/Data provider

Statistics NZ obtain data from export and import entry documents lodged with New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS).
They convert export values provided in foreign currencies by NZCS to New Zealand dollars (NZD), using weekly exchange rates when the statistics are compiled.