Retail Trade - Sales and stocks by industry 1995 Q3–2021 Q1

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Sales: The value of sales of goods and services for the quarter. Sales are published as GST exclusive.
Stocks: Trading stocks, finished goods and work in progress, materials, fuels etc. on hand at the end of the quarter. Stocks are published as GST exclusive.

Data calculation/treatment

Stats NZ received updated retail trade sales deflators, by industry, for the September and December 2020 quarters.

The updates affected the following series:
- pharmaceutical and other store-based retailing – September 2020 quarter
- fuel retailing – September and December 2020 quarters.
As a result, Stats NZ have updated the actual retail sales volumes for these industries in the corresponding September and December 2020 quarters.

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Limitations of the data

It is not possible to estimate current trend levels to Stats NZ’s usual quality standard until Stats NZ know the full effect of COVID-19 on the time series. Once the series stabilises, Stats NZ will estimate the COVID-19 effects. The timeframe for this will vary for different series, depending on how they have been affected by COVID-19.


The target population is all kind-of-activity units (KAUs) operating in New Zealand classified on Stats NZ’s Business Register (BR) to Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 2006 (ANZSIC06) Division G – Retail Trade, and ANZSIC06 Division H – Accommodation and Food Services.

Changes to data collection/processing

From September 2017 quarter, Stats NZ started collecting retail trade data under the new design. They are now using administrative data (goods and services tax (GST)) wherever possible, and supplementing this by surveying only the larger retail businesses.
For more details on these changes, please refer to

Data provided by

Stats NZ

Dataset name

Retail Trade Survey: March 2021 quarter


How to find the data

At URL provided, download 'Retail trade survey: March 2021 quarter – CSV' zipped file.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Retail Trade Survey: March 2021 quarter

From the dataset Retail Trade Survey: March 2021 quarter, this data was extracted:

  • Rows: 1,222-21,376
  • Column: 3
  • Provided: 15,759 data points

Dataset originally released on:

May 24, 2021

Purpose of collection

The Retail Trade Survey (RTS) provides short-term economic indicators of the retail trade sector. In addition, Stats NZ use the data for compiling the retail trade sector component of quarterly national accounts (on the production side) and in compiling household consumption expenditure (on the expenditure side).

Method of collection/Data provider

Stats NZ revised the stock series for three industries in the June 2020 quarter. One of the methods for modelling stocks values relies, in part, on sales values for the quarter, which Stats NZ decided was not suitable for the COVID-impacted June 2020 quarter.

The revision affected the following series:

specialised food stocks – RTTQ.SFB9CA
liquor stocks – RTTQ.SFC9CA
food and beverage stocks – RTTQ.SFV9CA
core industries stocks – RTTQ.SF19CA
total industries stocks – RTTQ.SF99CA.