Savings - Active or provisional KiwiSaver members by income band 2011–2020

Inland Revenue


Income details are for the tax year prior to each financial year. For example income details for members as at 30 June 2016 is from the 2015 tax year.
Members with no income are excluded.


Provisional members: Members who were automatically enrolled have a provisional period of 8 weeks in which they can decide to opt out.
Enrolment method: the original enrolment method used to join KiwiSaver.
Scheme entry method: the method members have used to enter their current scheme.
Contribution suspension: If you are an active member, you can take a break from saving. This is for employees who want a break from making KiwiSaver contributions from their pay. 'Ordinary' can be granted to any member after 12 months of membership, 'Financial hardship' can be granted earlier for members in financial hardship. Note from April 2019 the suspension duration changed from a maximum of five years to 12 months.
Closed accounts: since July 2012 members may be eligible to withdraw from KiwiSaver due to retirement.
Payments from Inland Revenue to KiwiSaver Scheme Providers: The sum of member and employer contributions plus crown payments (Member tax credit to KiwiSaver + Kick-start + interest), during each financial year. Figures are gross and do not include payments refunded by providers to Inland Revenue, and they don't include KiwiSaver contributions held by Inland Revenue.
KiwiSaver Scheme Transfers: Number of scheme transfers between KiwiSaver schemes each financial year. Figures do NOT include transfers within the provisional period, transfers within complying funds, and transfers as a result of scheme mergers.
KiwiSaver Fund Withdrawals: Funds taken out of KiwiSaver accounts each financial year for either a first home or financial hardship.

Data calculation/treatment

Numbers of active/provisional members, contribution holidays, non-active members, closed accounts are as at end of June.
KiwiSaver Scheme Transfers, Fund Withdrawals, and Payments from Inland Revenue to KiwiSaver Scheme Provider relate to each financial year.

Changes to data collection/processing

From April 2020 KiwiSaver information is reported from a new system.

Data provided by

Inland Revenue

Dataset name

KiwiSaver Statistics: Annual statistics 2020


How to find the data

Under the 'Files to download' heading select 'Annual KiwiSaver statistics' to download file

Import & extraction details

File as imported: KiwiSaver Statistics: Annual statistics 2020

From the dataset KiwiSaver Statistics: Annual statistics 2020, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Data
  • Range: B219:K226
  • Provided: 80 data points

Dataset originally released on:

August 2020

Method of collection/Data provider

All statistics are sourced from Inland Revenue administration data.