Rent - Bonds and weekly rent for residential properties by region Feb 1993–Jun 2021

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Lodged bonds represent the number of tenancy agreements lodged in that month
Active bonds represent the number of tenancy agreements commenced from that month that are still presently active.
Closed bonds represent the number of tenancy agreements from that month that have ended.

Data calculation/treatment

Geometric mean (replacing median): The geometric mean is calculated by multiplying n values together and taking the nth root of the result. When a variable is log-normally distributed (a common distribution for variables than must be greater than 0) the geometric mean will closely approximate the median.
Synthetic Quartiles (replacing quartiles): The synthetic quartiles are designed to find the 25th percentile (for the lower quartile) and 75th percentile (for the upper quartile) of a set of data, assuming the data is lognormally distributed. The mean and variance of the data are not assumed, but instead are calculated. This approach is consistent with using the geometric mean to approximate the median.


The files include the private bonds, starting from January 1993. 'Private' means private sector landlords.

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Tenancy Services

Dataset name

Rental Bond Data: By region (Monthly) June 2021


How to find the data

At URL provided, select 'By region, January 1993 - June 2021' from under the 'Rental bond data, January 1993 - June 2021' heading.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Rental Bond Data: By region (Monthly) June 2021

From the dataset Rental Bond Data: By region (Monthly) June 2021, this data was extracted:

  • Rows: 2-6,140
  • Columns: 4-10
  • Provided: 42,973 data points

Dataset originally released on:

August 09, 2021

Method of collection/Data provider

This data comes from MBIE's tenancy bond database, which records all new rental bonds that are lodged each month.