Tertiary Education - University Performance-Based Research Fund external research income 2002–2014

Ministry of Education


Source: Tertiary Education Commission.
Colleges of education data is combined with the universities.
PBRF external research income is used as the measure of contract income.

Data calculation/treatment

Funding figures are exclusive of GST.

Data provided by

Ministry of Education

Dataset name

Tertiary Education: Research Financing 2015



How to find the data

At URL provided, select 'Research Financing'.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Tertiary Education: Research Financing 2015

From the dataset Tertiary Education: Research Financing 2015, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: RSF.5
  • Range: C5:O26
  • Provided: 234 data points

Dataset originally released on:

December 21, 2015

About this dataset

This dataset includes statistics relating to financing research undertaken in tertiary education.