Tax - Net GST by turnover band 2001–2020

Inland Revenue


The GST only include GST collected or refunded by Inland Revenue.


GST collected on imports by the New Zealand Custom Service is not included.

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Inland Revenue

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Tax Statistics: Net GST by turnover band 2020


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At URL provided, select 'Net GST by turnover band 2007 to 2020' CSV file.

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About this dataset

The data covers Inland Revenue administered GST only, and does not include gross GST collected by the New Zealand Customs Service.

Method of collection/Data provider

GST turnover is calculated from GST returns as the sum of sales and income for the year ended 31 March.
For a two-monthly filer, this would mean the sum of gross sales on six successive GST returns, with the last return being for the period ending 31 March.