Tourism - Direct and indirect tourism employment 2000–2020

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Employment includes employees and working proprietors (eg self-employed and business owners).
Figures for all years prior to 2020 have been revised.

Limitations of the data

Results for the year ended March 2020 are provisional.
The March 2020 annual estimates featured capture a very limited period of the initial emergence and impact of COVID-19 in New Zealand. The extent of COVID-19’s impact will be evident in Tourism satellite account: Year ended March 2021, to be published in December 2021.


Tourism expenditure includes spending by all travellers, whether they are international, resident householders, or business and government travellers. International tourism expenditure includes spending by foreign students studying in New Zealand for less than 12 months.

Changes to data collection/processing

This data release includes revisions made to both the domestic and international tourism expenditure series. These revisions caused changes to the value of tourism expenditure in the New Zealand economy, and affect the official tourism satellite account (TSA) time series back to 1999.

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Stats NZ

Dataset name

Tourism Satellite Account: Tables 1–18 2020


How to find the data

At URL provided, download 'Tourism satellite account: Year ended March 2020 – tables 1–18'.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Tourism Satellite Account: Tables 1–18 2020

From the dataset Tourism Satellite Account: Tables 1–18 2020, this data was extracted:

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Dataset originally released on:

December 22, 2020

About this dataset

The Tourism Satellite Account provides a picture of the role tourism plays in New Zealand, with information on the changing levels and impact of tourism activity. It presents information on tourism's contribution to the New Zealand economy in terms of expenditure and employment.
The data provider develops and publishes the tourism satellite account, using a United Nations World Tourism Organization framework, with funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
This is part of a core set of tourism data that provides base information for understanding and monitoring tourism activity in New Zealand. Other elements of the core dataset include a survey of spending by international visitors, regional tourism expenditure estimates, visitor arrival and accommodation statistics, and forecasts of international tourist numbers and expenditure.

Purpose of collection

Satellite accounts are an extension of the core national accounts, and involve rearranging existing information in the national accounts so that an area of particular economic or social importance can be analysed more closely.
A Tourism Satellite Account integrates data about the supply and use of tourism-related goods and services into a single format. It summarises the contribution tourism makes to production and employment, consistent and integrated with New Zealand's official national accounts. This ensures that the importance of the tourism sector is measured and understood in the context of the New Zealand economy as a whole. New Zealand's tourism satellite account (TSA) measures expenditure in New Zealand by both resident and non-resident tourists, and thus gives a picture of the overall size of the tourism industry, including its contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) and employment.

Method of collection/Data provider

Stats NZ puts together tourism account figures on the basis of figures found on a number of other data collections including:
- Export education levy statistics (from the Ministry of Education)
- International Visitor Survey (from MBIE, paused)
- Domestic Travel Survey (MBIE, discontinued)
- Accommodation Survey (discontinued, replaced by Accommodation Data Programme from June 2020)
- Annual Enterprise Survey
- Household Tourism Expenditure Estimates (not publicly available)
- Linked Employer-Employee Data
- National Accounts
- Retail Trade Survey
- Cruise Ship Traveller Statistics
- Survey of English Language Providers (discontinued)