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Business (KAU, or kind-of-activity unit): An enterprise subdivision that is engaged in predominantly one activity and for which a single set of accounting records is available.

Total income includes sales, interest, dividends and donations received, non-operating income, government funding, grants, and subsidies.
Operating profit (before income tax) is total income less total expenditure (excluding non-operating items) plus change in stocks.

Data calculation/treatment

Data refers to the latest financial year available, which depends on each business.

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Limitations of the data

Data for the 2017 financial year is provisional.
The AES data is to be used with caution below industry design level (NZSIOC level 4). The survey is not designed to support analysis below this level.


Some industries are excluded on statistical grounds due to the difficulty of collecting the data from respondents: superannuation funds (K6330), residential property operators (L6711), foreign government representation (O7552), religious services (S9540), private households employing staff and undifferentiated goods and service-producing activities of households for own use (S960).
Non-market government units have not been included in the AES population for all data published since the AES 2015.

Businesses that are not economically significant are not selected into the AES.

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Annual Enterprise Survey: Size bands (provisional) 2017


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At URL provided, download 'Annual enterprise survey: 2017 financial year (provisional) – size bands'.

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File as imported: Annual Enterprise Survey: Size bands (provisional) 2017

From the dataset Annual Enterprise Survey: Size bands (provisional) 2017, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Table 4
  • Range: C8:M27
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June 29, 2018

About this dataset

The Annual Enterprise Survey (AES) is New Zealand’s most comprehensive source of financial statistics covering almost 469,000 businesses. It provides annual information on the financial performance and financial position for industry groups operating in New Zealand. The AES was designed as the principal collection vehicle of data used in the compilation of New Zealand's national accounts. Data used in this survey is compiled from a number of sources and measures industry levels for a given year. Incremental improvements in measurement, sample design, classification, and data collection may influence the inter-period movements, particularly over longer time periods.