Become a contributor

We are working towards a more informed country. Here are five ways to help us:

Contribute data

  • Share your data faster, more easily, more cheaply and with a wider audience by using our commercial services. You control what is released and the license terms (although Figure.NZ prefers open Creative Commons licensing).
  • Encourage use of your data, find out what users want, and help them make things with it through our API.
  • Engage our services to import, standardise and display other data you are interested in - regularly updated data or for one-off release, e.g. for a report or book.

Become a patron

  • Make your organisation a recognised leader on issues, with your own page on this site and attention through social media by becoming a patron of a topic area you care about.
  • Improve the state of knowledge on your topic: we gather data and create graphs to populate new topic areas.
  • Demonstrate tangible support for the idea of a more informed nation without necessarily providing any data.

Donate funds

  • Help us advance the cause of a better informed country by making a donation. Donations help us provide more content, extend our technology and improve our services.
  • We can provide acknowledgement through social media and disclosure on our website.
  • Figure.NZ is a registered charity so donations are tax deductible. Check the fine print.

Help us out directly

  • Volunteer to work in the back office sourcing and tidying data, and making graphs. Fun! You can do this from anywhere over the Internet, and we can teach you everything you need to know.
  • Provide us with guidance in your area of subject expertise. Help us to improve the quality of our coverage on an issue you care about.
  • Email us to let us know how you would like to help.

Use our data and spread the word

  • Use our site however you wish. It is yours to explore and to take advantage of as you see fit (subject to our reasonable terms and conditions).
  • Join our email list to stay up to date.
  • We are continuing to improve our services. Soon you will be able to collate boards of graphs that interest you and share them with others, and you will also be able to use our clever graph designer to make graphs from all the data we have.