Privacy policy


This is a list of the policies and practices we use to protect individual privacy at Figure.NZ.


At Figure.NZ, we don’t collect or publish any personally identifiable information about you or any other person. Our published data about people only has summaries. We never publish individual details like names, addresses or other personal information.

At Figure.NZ, we don’t track your use of our services in any way that makes you personally identifiable. We never connect your use of our services to your name, address or any other personal information about you.

At Figure.NZ, we don’t sell advertising and don’t provide information about your use of our services to advertisers.

Things we do

We use analytics to help us understand how people use our services. This allows us to record which pages are popular or what data is most commonly searched for. We use third party services to perform these analytics, and we make a good faith effort to ensure these services comply with applicable privacy laws. We never connect our analytics to any personally identifiable information about you.

We occasionally send a newsletter. You can choose to have it sent to your email address. We do not connect your email address to your use of our services even if you subscribe, and if you don’t we won’t record your email address at all.

We record errors or failures in our services, including information about the computer or device in use when the error occurred. This error information is only available to staff working to resolve errors, and is regularly reviewed and deleted. We do not connect this error information to your use of our services and this error information cannot be used to identify you.


Our documentation site,, uses search software provided by Google. When you search this site, Google has access to what you searched for and which result you chose, which they may use to build an advertising profile. Google does not have access to any other information about you or your use of our services, including searches on our main web site at