0200400600800Level 1 certificateLevel 2 certificateLevel 3 certificateLevel 4 certificateLevel 5-7 certificate and diplomaGraduate diploma/certificateBachelor degreeHonours or postgraduate diploma/certificateMasters degreeDoctorate degreeEuropean students completing qualifications in informationtechnology in New ZealandDomestic only, by qualification level, 2020Provider: Ministry of Education

European students completing qualifications in information technology in New Zealand

Domestic only, by qualification level, 2020


Students who complete a qualification that can be assigned to more than one field have been counted in each field, so the sum of the various fields may not add to the total.
Students are counted in each sub-sector they complete a qualification, so the sum of the various sub-sectors may not add to the total.
Totals also include those students with unknown values.


Domestic students are those studying here with New Zealand/Australian citizenship or permanent residence status.

Limitations of the data

Data for 2020 should be treated as indicative as providers can continue to report completions throughout the following year.
Data in this table, including totals, have been rounded to the nearest 5 to protect the privacy of individuals, so the sum of individual counts may not add to the total.


Data relates to students completing a formal qualification at a tertiary education provider. It excludes on-job industry training.
Data includes those private training establishments that received Student Achievement Component funding, and/or had students with student loans or allowances, and/or Youth Guarantee programmes.

Data provided by

Ministry of Education

Dataset name

Tertiary Education Retention & Achievement: Gaining Qualifications 2020



How to find the data

At URL provided, download 'Students gaining qualifications from tertiary education providers'.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Tertiary Education Retention & Achievement: Gaining Qualifications 2020

From the dataset Tertiary Education Retention & Achievement: Gaining Qualifications 2020, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: COM.14
  • Range: E4:Q399
  • Provided: 4,290 data points

This data forms the table Tertiary Education - Domestic students completing qualifications by qualification, sub-sector, ethnic group and field of study 2020.

Dataset originally released on:

July 2021

About this dataset

These are statistics relating to qualification completion for students at tertiary education providers by a range of demographic and study-related characteristics.