Value of stocks in the commission-based wholesaling industry in New Zealand

2004 Q2–2019 Q2, NZD millions


Operating income: income from total sales. It excludes interest/dividends received, donations, insurance claims, subsidies, government grants, exchange rate gains, extraordinary items, gains on sales of fixed assets, excise duties and bad debts. It includes sales of processed goods, sales of goods purchased for resale, sales of services, repair services, processing fees, management fees, rental income, leasing income, royalties and patent fees.

Total stocks: closing stocks of raw materials for use in production, plus the closing stocks of finished goods, work in progress, and trading stocks.

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Changes to data collection/processing

Stats NZ have made changes to the methodology used in the Wholesale Trade Survey beginning with the Wholesale Trade Survey: September 2015 quarter, released on 7 December 2015.

Under the old design, Stats NZ surveyed all the large businesses in each industry, plus a sample of medium-sized businesses. This was supplemented with modelled tax data for the smaller businesses.
Under the new design, Stats NZ use administrative data (goods and services tax (GST) data, sourced from Inland Revenue) wherever possible, and will supplement this by surveying only the largest and most complex businesses. The methodology changes have improved the quality of the published series.

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Stats NZ

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Wholesale Trade Survey: June 2019


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At URL provided, download 'Wholesale trade survey: June 2019 quarter – CSV'.

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File as imported: Wholesale Trade Survey: June 2019

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This data forms the table Wholesale Trade - Operating income and stocks by industry 1995 Q1–2019 Q2.

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September 06, 2019

Purpose of collection

The Wholesale Trade Survey (WTS) provides short-term economic indicators for the wholesale trade sector. It is also used to compile the wholesale trade sector component of quarterly national accounts.