Students enrolled in New Zealand schools with a religious affiliation

By affiliation, as at July 2017


Affiliation: This dimension is most commonly represented for state integrated schools. The religious or organisational affiliation of schools, for example, Roman Catholic, Montessori. Only schools that requested an affiliation are included in that affiliation group.


Included school types are: Full Primary, Secondary, Intermediate, Composite, Restricted Composite, Correspondence School, Special School, Contributing, Teen Parent Unit.

Data provided by

Ministry of Education

Dataset name

Scholl Roll Returns: Time Series Data for Trend Analysis 2017


How to find the data

At URL download Excel spreadsheet titled 'Time Series Data for Trend Analysis 1996-2017'

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Scholl Roll Returns: Time Series Data for Trend Analysis 2017

From the dataset Scholl Roll Returns: Time Series Data for Trend Analysis 2017, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Affiliation
  • Range: C4:X34
  • Provided: 682 data points

This data forms the table Schooling - Student roll by school affiliation 1996–2017.

About this dataset

The Ministry of Education carries out statistical collections (roll returns) from New Zealand schools at different times during the year.
The data reported here is based on the 1 July roll returns since it provides detailed information on age and ethnicity for trend analysis.

Purpose of collection

The Ministry uses the collected data in a number of ways: to fund and staff schools; to support policy analysis, development and decision making; to monitor the outcomes of the New Zealand education system; and for national and international reporting purposes.