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Māori trainees participating in industry training in New Zealand

By field of study, 2021, number of people

05001,0001,5002,000Human welfare studies and servicesFood and hospitalityForestry studiesProcess and resources engineeringSales and marketingBusiness and managementManufacturing, engineering and technologyBuildingCivil engineeringJustice and law enforcementSport and recreationOther agriculture, environmental and related studiesOther engineering and related technologiesAgricultureMaritime engineering and technologyHorticulture and viticultureElectrical and electronic engineering and technologyOther society and cultureOther healthMechanical and industrial engineering and technologyPublic healthAutomotive engineering and technologyTeacher educationBanking, finance and related fieldsAerospace engineering and technologyTourismPerforming artsStudies in human societyOffice administrationLibrarianship, information management and curatorial studiesGeomatic engineeringVeterinary studiesPersonal servicesFisheries studiesEnvironmental studiesMāori trainees participating in industry training in New ZealandBy field of study, 2021, number of peopleProvider: Ministry of Education05001,0001,5002,000