020406080Hours flown by the New Zealand Defence Force to supportthe New Zealand Customs ServiceYear ended June 2016–2017, hoursProvider: New Zealand Defence Force20162017

Hours flown by the New Zealand Defence Force to support the New Zealand Customs Service

Year ended June 2016–2017, hours

Data calculation/treatment

Number of days at sea and flying hours may be attributed to more than one agency if support is provided as part of a multi-agency operation.
Support provided to agency is subject to personnel and asset availability.

Limitations of the data

Data may not be available for all years. Only the most recent continuous time series may be displayed in Figure.NZ charts.


This data include a selection of work the New Zealand Defence Force do to support their operational partners:
- Support New Zealand’s sovereignty over the Ross Dependency and continue presence in Antarctica by providing search and rescue support, air transport, logistics support and specialist personnel skills.
- Assist the New Zealand Fire Service and Rural Fire Authority when incidents exceed the capabilities of the local resources.
- Support the work of the Department of Conservation to better understand and protect our natural environment through gathering information, and moving people and supplies to remote places.
- Support New Zealand Customs Service to keep New Zealand’s border secure by providing pre-planned and “one-off” surveillance and patrol support.
- Support New Zealand Police keep New Zealanders safe by providing support for cannabis recovery, helping with explosive ordnance disposal, disaster relief, and, in partnership with New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre, search and rescue missions.
- Support the Ministry for Primary Industries checking for illegal fishing.
- The New Zealand Cadet Force, a key partnership between the NZDF and approximately 100 communities throughout New Zealand. It is a voluntary, disciplined, uniformed youth leadership training organisation, for boys and girls aged 13 to 18. The three branches: Sea Cadet Corps, New Zealand Cadet Corps, and Air Training Corps, mirror the three Services in the NZDF.
- Run the Limited Service Volunteer programme, an intensive six-week motivational training course that provides life skills to unemployed young people aged between 18 and 25. It aims to increase the number of young people entering employment or training through improving their self-discipline, self-confidence, motivation and initiative. The programme is run by the New Zealand Defence Force on behalf on Work and Income.
- Support the Ministry of Education with the delivery of the Service Academy programme. These are military-focused programmes which are delivered in secondary schools and aimed at 12 to 17 year-old Maori and Pasifika boys at risk of disengaging from school. They help students gain preparation qualifications for the workforce, further education, or training.
- Run the Blue Light Life Skills Camp, a partnership between the New Zealand Defence Force, Police and The New Zealand Blue Light. It provides leadership training and life skills for young people aged 14 to 17.
- Provide the Military-style Activity Camp (MAC) programme, designed to provide intensive support to the most serious and persistent youth offenders each year in New Zealand. The New Zealand Defence Force ceased contributing to this activity in January 2017.


This data does not include work in support of national emergencies and New Zealand's pacific neighbours.

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New Zealand Defence Force

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New Zealand Defence Force Annual Report: Work in support of operational partners 2018



How to find the data

This data has been collated from each Annual Report from 2008 to 2018. The NZ Defence Force's Knowledge and Information Management Directorate provided this summary directly to Figure.NZ for publication.

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File as imported: New Zealand Defence Force Annual Report: Work in support of operational partners 2018

From the dataset New Zealand Defence Force Annual Report: Work in support of operational partners 2018, this data was extracted:

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This data forms the table Defence Force - Activities in support of other agencies 2008–2018.

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December 2017

Method of collection/Data provider

This information is collected through the New Zealand Defence Force's internal reporting system.