Community orders issued to people who have been in prison in New Zealand

By sex, year ended June 2003–2018, number of orders started


Order: Orders are imposed by the court and conditions that an offender must meet are determined by the Parole Board.
Length of order (Duration): The length of the post-prison order is the board-imposed length. If an offender is paroled and then recalled, they are counted twice or more.

Extended Supervision: People on Extended Supervision are monitored for periods of up to ten years following their release from prison. Extended supervision
ensures that the risks presented by these high-risk offenders (to date, exclusively child sex offenders) can be identified and managed.
Parole: Parole is an order allowing for the person’s rehabilitation and reintegration to the community following a prison sentence of more than
two years. They are required to adhere to the special conditions set by the New Zealand Parole Board and may be electronically
monitored (an order known as Residential Restrictions). A person on parole may be recalled to prison if they re-offend or in other ways
breach their parole release conditions.
Release on Conditions: Release on Conditions (ROC) orders support offenders’ reintegration following short sentences of imprisonment (2 years or less).
Release conditions are set by the court at time of sentence and are managed by probation officers. As part of the order, the offender
may be required to attend programmes. Offenders on Release on Conditions are not subject to recall to prison, although they can be charged with breaching the order (which is an imprisonable offence).
Post Detention Conditions: Post-detention conditions orders are intended to provide an offender who has completed a Home Detention sentence with supervision and support to assist their on-going reintegration. Their conditions are often a continuation of those in place while on home detention and may include rehabilitative programmes, restrictions on who they are allowed to have contact with and where they are allowed to reside, and may also include conditions related to suitable employment.
Returning offender order: The Returning Offenders (Management and Information) Act 2015 enables Corrections to manage and monitor certain offenders returning from overseas. The supervision regime applies to eligible offenders who have served a term or terms of imprisonment of more than one year in another country. The law applies regardless of whether the offender is deported, removed, or returns voluntarily. This means Corrections is able to work with offenders who previously would have returned to the community without the reintegrative support and supervision required to safeguard them and the public. The order type 'Returning offender order' cannot be broken down by offence type, as this information is recorded overseas.

Data calculation/treatment

This data measures distinct orders started within a financial year.
A person is counted once for the most serious offence category for which they were prosecuted.
Information on the sex and ethnicity of an offender is recorded by Corrections. Age is calculated based on the birth date as collected by the prosecuting authority (mostly New Zealand Police) at the time a person is arrested or prosecuted.

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Changes to data collection/processing

Release on Conditions became available as a post-prison sentence option following introduction of the Sentencing Act 2002 and the Parole Act 2002.
Releases to Home Detention (BEHD) were phased out in 2007.

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Prison and Community-Sentence Population: Annual Post-prison Offender Population for the latest Fiscal Years YE June 2018


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This data forms the table Corrections - Annual post-prison offender population for Year ended June 2003–2018.

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November 07, 2018

About this dataset

The post-prison offender dataset contains information on offenders who are under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, after a period in prison. Such offenders have typically served less than 100 percent of the imposed sentence. Offenders who have completed a Home Detention (community) sentence can also be subject to a period of supervision and are therefore counted.

Method of collection/Data provider

The post-prison offender data comes from the Department of Corrections' datawarehouse. The data has been sourced from the Department of Corrections' Integrated Offender Management System (IOMS).