- annual average change in groundwater volumein New Zealand1995–2014, % changeProvider: Ministry for the Environment1996199820002002200420062008201020122014

Estimated annual average change in groundwater volume in New Zealand

1995–2014, % change


Groundwater: the water stored beneath Earth’s surface in aquifers (layers of water-bearing rock or sand). It is used for human and stock drinking water, irrigation, and industry, and also has a role in sustaining some rivers, lakes, and wetlands, especially during low-flow periods. The health of surface-water ecosystems also depends on groundwater.
Unconfined aquifer: separated from the land surface only by sediment or rock, through which water and any contaminants can freely percolate down from the surface.
Confined aquifer: contained between two units of impermeable material, such as unfractured rock or clay. Water held in confined aquifers is under pressure and may originate from sources located some distance away.

Data calculation/treatment

Figure.NZ calculated the year-on-year percentage change to mirror the analysis undertaken for the Environmental Reporting Series (see hhttp://stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/environment/environmental-reporting-series/environmental-indicators/Home/Fresh%20water/groundwater-physical-stocks.aspx Figure 2)

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Ministry for the Environment

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Environmental Reporting: Average estimated groundwater volume per year 1994–2014



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This data forms the table Environment - Average estimated groundwater volume per year 1994–2014.

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September 29, 2015

Method of collection/Data provider

Groundwater volumes are based on estimates of:
- aquifer locations and extents, based on outlines described by White (2001) and Moreau and Bekele (2015)
- the depth or thickness of the aquifer, based on measurements of the winter groundwater level in at least one indicator well for each aquifer (monitored by regional councils)
- an aquifer’s porosity (how much water can be stored per volume of aquifer material; eg gravels with large spaces between pebbles can store more water than a tightly packed material without any void space).