Sales value of information technology services for New Zealand suppliers

By market, financial years 2010–2017, NZD millions


The OECD defines ICT goods and services as those that fulfil or enable the function of information processing and communication by electronic means. Alternatively, ICT goods may also use electronic processing to detect, measure, and/or record physical phenomena, or control a physical process.
Enterprise: a business operating in New Zealand. It can be a legally constituted body, such as a company, trust, local or central government trading organisation, an incorporated society, or self-employed individual.
Exports: goods and services sold overseas by a New Zealand company. This excludes goods sold to other New Zealand businesses who will export the goods at a later stage.
ICT commodities: categories of goods and services used in the ICT Supply Survey questionnaire.
Sales: revenue in New Zealand dollars.

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Limitations of the data

The survey populations in 2010 and 2012 were different from the 2014 and 2017 populations.


This dataset only includes selected components of the ICT supply: published software, IT support services, design and development services, and hosting and infrastructure provisioning services.

Changes to data collection/processing

A reduced version of the ICT Supply survey was run in 2017 and provided the figures required to meet National Accounts’ need.
The 2017 reduced ICT Supply survey also had a reduced population. There were 15 ANZSICs included in the 2014 population that were dropped from the 2017 population, as their primary activities were not closely related to the sales of software or related services.
A small number of businesses in the ANZSIC codes that were removed in 2017 had reported sales of software and related services in the 2014 survey, contributing between 2-4% of the published figures. As these businesses were not included in the 2017 survey there is an impact on the data changes in this time series. Users should be mindful of the change in population and its potential impact on results.
The sample for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Supply Survey: 2017 identifies 1,723 respondents from a total eligible population of 2042. Prior to this change, the survey was a census.

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Information and Communication Technology Supply Survey 2017


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This data forms the table Technology - Sales of information and communication technology software and services by commodity 2010–2017.

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June 18, 2018

About this dataset

The ICT Supply Survey measures the sale of goods and services from businesses associated with ICT industries. The ICT Supply Survey replaced the Information Technology Survey (1993–2004).

Purpose of collection

This survey is run to inform National Accounts on supply of ICT services. They require published software, IT support services, design and development services, and hosting and infrastructure provisioning services.