Total household assets and liabilities in New Zealand by net worth quintile

Year ended June 2015, NZD billions


Data excludes assets and liabilities held in a business or trust unless mentioned.
Figures may not sum to stated totals, due to rounding.
Estimates are suppressed for confidentiality and quality reasons if fewer than five households (10 for medians) contribute to the cell, or if sampling errors are 51 percent or greater.
Quintiles are formed by dividing the population into 5 groups – households are ranked by their net worth. The bottom quintile (quintile 1) is the lowest 20 percent of the population for net worth, while the top quintile (quintile 5) is the highest 20 percent.


Net worth: is the value of a person or household’s assets, minus their liabilities.
Assets: are something a person or household owns, such as property or investments.
Liability: is an obligation such as a debt, mortgage, or loan. The liability's holder is obliged, under specific circumstances, to provide a payment or series of payments to whomever they are liable to.
Household: is either one person who usually resides alone, or two or more people who usually reside together and share facilities (eg for eating or cooking) in a private dwelling. A household may contain one or more families, other people in addition to a family, or no families at all, such as unrelated people living together. Statistics New Zealand don't include non-private dwellings such as hostels, or the rest home and hospital sections of retirement homes (serviced apartments within retirement homes are counted as private dwellings).

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Household Economic Survey: Household net worth statistics, Year ended June 2015


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At URL provided, select "Household Net Worth Statistics: Year ended June 2015 – tables" from the box to the right-hand side of the page.

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File as imported: Household Economic Survey: Household net worth statistics, Year ended June 2015

From the dataset Household Economic Survey: Household net worth statistics, Year ended June 2015, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: 2.03
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This data forms the table Net Worth - Total asset and liability values by household net worth quintile 2015.

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June 28, 2016

Method of collection/Data provider

The Net Worth Household Statistics were collected as a component of the Household Economic Survey. To capture asset and liability information in enough detail, Statistics New Zealand increased the sample size for Household Economic Survey 2014/15 from 5,000 to 8,000 households.
The survey is a sample survey that uses statistical weights to calculate income and expenditure estimates for the total New Zealand population. For Household Economic Survey 2014/15, they used the weights based on the Census 2013 population.
The target population for HES is the usually resident population of New Zealand living in private dwellings, aged 15 years and over.