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Victims of criminal offences in the Hamilton City Area, New Zealand

By offence subdivision, 2015 & 2016, number of victimisations


Offence: refers to any act or omission by a person/organisation or persons/organisations for which a penalty could be imposed by the New Zealand legal system. Offences in this collection are defined by the 2011 edition of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Offence Classification (ANZSOC).
Victimisation: the measure involving counting a person, organisation or premises once within each criminal incident for each ANZSOC Division in which they are recorded as being a victim of an offence. ‘Victimisations’ count each instance of a person, organisation or premises being victimised for one or more offences.

Data calculation/treatment

Please note the charts on Figure.NZ exclude victimisations whose outcome of investigation was 'No crime'.

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Limitations of the data

Caution should be observed when making inferences about long-term trends in crime, particularly for types of offences that are known to be significantly under-reported (e.g. Sexual offences and minor offences not warranting insurance claims or medical treatment).


The NZ RCVS collection includes:
- substantive offences (e.g. robbery, assault);
- attempted offences (e.g. attempted robbery).


The scope of the NZ RCVS collection excludes the following offences:
- offences that Police are able to deal with by issuing an infringement notice;
- offences that come under the authority of agencies other than NZ Police, such as Customs, Worksafe New Zealand, Inland Revenue, ACC, Ministry for Primary Industries, etc.;
- offences that do not generally have specific identifiable victims (e.g. drugs offences, public order offences);
- conspiracy offences;
- aid and abet offences.

Data provided by

New Zealand Police

Dataset name

Recorded Crime Victims Statistics: Victim Demographics (Victimisations) - Age Sex Boundary December 2016


How to find the data

At URL provided, select Victim Demographics (Victimisations) > Table 5.
Clear filter from Method of proceeding subdivision and Person/Organisation on the top-right corner. Use the time slider to select desired time period, then right click anywhere on the data and select 'Export Sex Age Boundary'.
Figure.NZ collated the whole time series by performing the steps above as many times as necessary. We created pivot tables in Excel to be able to process aggregated figures.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Recorded Crime Victims Statistics: Victim Demographics (Victimisations) - Age Sex Boundary December 2016

From the dataset Recorded Crime Victims Statistics: Victim Demographics (Victimisations) - Age Sex Boundary December 2016, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Pivot
  • Range: AN9:AO1661
  • Provided: 3,258 data points

This data forms the table Crime - Victims (Victimisations) by District and area, by offence type (Annual) 2015–2016.

Dataset originally released on:

March 2017

About this dataset

This dataset presents descriptive information about victims of crime in New Zealand. It also gives an overview of crime trends. These are victimisations reported during a relevant period.

Method of collection/Data provider

Data in the NZ RCVS collection relate to offences recorded by NZ Police as prescribed in the NZ Police National Recording Standard (NRS), where the matter came to Police attention (File Reported Date) on or after 1 July 2014