010203040Too many face to face meetings at workEmployer doesn’t offer flexible working optionsInternet speed isn’t fast enoughLaptop or mobile phone isn’t good enoughDon’t have a space at home to workEmployer doesn’t offer the technological supportOtherBarriers preventing people in New Zealand from working fromhome more often2019, % of people who would like to work from home more oftenProvider: InternetNZ

Barriers preventing people in New Zealand from working from home more often

2019, % of people who would like to work from home more often


Respondents who have the ability to work from home, and would like to do so more often, were asked the following question:
-Which of the below are barriers for you working from home more often?

Data calculation/treatment

The researchers used a combination of pre-survey quotas and post-survey weighting to ensure results are broadly representative of all New Zealanders by age, gender, and region.

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Changes to data collection/processing

This sample composition is different from 2018. In 2018 the researchers spoke to both consumers and businesses - a total of 1,859 people. This group was comprised of 858 consumers, 857 businesses, and 144 consumers who also manage or own a business. Consumer behavior and perception results reported in 2018 included the views of all 1,859 people.
Results in 2019 are the views of consumers, and consumers who also own or manage a business. This is different from 2018, where the opinions and attitudes of businesses were a much greater influence. These differences are reflected in some of the results.

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Dataset name

Internet NZ Public Perceptions Survey 2019

How to find the data

Internet NZ sent the aggregated data directly to Figure.NZ for the purpose of publication.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Internet NZ Public Perceptions Survey 2019

From the dataset Internet NZ Public Perceptions Survey 2019, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Q52
  • Range: C12:S27
  • Provided: 144 data points

This data forms the table Internet - Barriers to work from home more often 2019.

Dataset originally released on:

February 2020

About this dataset

In 2018 InternetNZ conducted a consolidated research project that incorporated three historical research projects for both the former NZRS, and InternetNZ. This project covered business and consumer use and attitudes towards domain names, as well as public perceptions of the Internet in general. In 2019 they have replicated a section of this research project, to understand any changes in consumer perceptions of the Internet. The survey follows the same processes for 2018, however in 2019, the survey focused only on consumer use of and perceptions of the Internet.

Purpose of collection

  • Understand public perceptions of the Internet and perceptions of the market
  • Understand how New Zealanders think about, and use the Internet, and identify any concerns
  • Maintain consistency with previous years to ensure continuity of benchmarks and reporting
  • Identify any significant changes from 2018

Method of collection/Data provider

This was a survey a total of 1,001 people online (803 consumers, and 198 consumers who also manage or own a business)
Fieldwork was conducted from 18 to 29 November 2019.
The maximum margin of error on the total group n=1,001 is +/-3.1% at the 95% confidence interval.