New international students from Thailand studying in New Zealand

Based on when their first student visa was approved, year ended June 1998–2017


A student is counted as ‘new’ the year in which their first student visa was approved.

There are issues with using visa data as a proxy for enrolments:
- Visas only capture approximately 60% of the students who study here in a year as not all nationalities require a visa to study here (this particularly affects visa waiver countries here to learn English if their study is less than three months).
- Dependents need to be stripped from the student visa data as they do not access education here (but are linked to the primary visa holder)
- Foreign nationals on Working Holiday Visas can, and do, access education while over here.

Data provided by

Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment

Dataset name

Migration Trends and Outlook: Temporary visa holders 2016/17


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At URL provided, select 'Temporary visa holders' from the box at the right-hand side of the page.

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File as imported: Migration Trends and Outlook: Temporary visa holders 2016/17

From the dataset Migration Trends and Outlook: Temporary visa holders 2016/17, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: 13
  • Range: B5:U48
  • Provided: 880 data points

This data forms the table Migration - New international students by source country 1998–2017.

Dataset originally released on:

March 29, 2018

About this dataset

This annual report is the 17th in a series that examines trends in temporary and permanent migration to and from New Zealand. The report updates trends to 2016/17 and compares recent immigration patterns with patterns identified in previous years.