Total household income in Hamilton City, New Zealand

2013 Census, number of households


Total household income is derived by taking the sum of the median personal income of all members of the household who are aged 15 years and over. This refers to the 12 months ending 31 March 2001, 31 March 2006 and 31 March 2013 respectively. For categories with small populations the data may not look as expected because of the effect of random rounding.

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Stats NZ

Dataset name

Census: Meshblock Dataset - Household (absolute values) 2013


How to find the data:

At URL provided, select 'Total New Zealand', under the '2013 Census meshblock dataset – CSV files' heading. Extract the 2013-mb-dataset-Total-New-Zealand-Household.csv from the zip file.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Census: Meshblock Dataset - Household (absolute values) 2013

From the dataset Census: Meshblock Dataset - Household (absolute values) 2013, this data was extracted:

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  • Range: BI2277:CL2345
  • Provided: 1,863 data points

This data forms the table Census - Households by income band by Territorial Authority 2001, 2006, 2013.

Dataset originally released on:

April 02, 2014