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Recent users are those who have used the Internet in the past 12 months.
Employment refers to the individual's employment status in the previous week.
Individuals may belong to more than one ethnic group.


Terms are expressed here: http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/industry_sectors/information_technology_and_communications/HouseholdUseofICT_HOTP2012/Definitions.aspx

Limitations of the data

Suppression of data
Cells with estimates of less than 1000 are suppressed and appear as 'S' in the tables. These estimates are subject to sampling errors too great for most practical purposes.


The target population for the household portion of the Household Use of ICT Survey is all households from the scope outlined above with at least one eligible individual.

The HLFS sample contains about 15,000 private households and about 30,000 individuals each quarter. Households are sampled on a statistically representative basis from areas throughout New Zealand, and information is obtained for each member of the household. The sample is stratified by geographic region, urban and rural areas, ethnic density, and socio-economic characteristics.

The target population for the Household Use of ICT Survey is the civilian, usually resident, non-institutionalised population aged 15 years and over living in private dwellings.


The survey population did not include:
- long-term residents of homes for older people
- hospitals and psychiatric institutions
- inmates of penal institutions
- members of the permanent armed forces
- members of the non-New Zealand armed forces
- overseas diplomats
- overseas visitors who expect to be resident in New Zealand for less than 12 months.
- The HLFS target population includes non-private dwellings whereas the Household Use of ICT Survey does not.

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Household Use of Information and Communication Technology: Summary tables 2012



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April 22, 2014

Purpose of collection

The Household Use of ICT survey measures the access and use of computers, the Internet and mobile phones in New Zealand households. Information from this survey is used to understand how ICT is changing New Zealand's economy and society.

The collection of this data along with the Business use of ICT and Government use of ICT surveys creates a comprehensive set of internationally comparable statistics.

The Household Use of ICT survey is a supplement to the Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) and is conducted every 3 years.