Environment - Extreme wind gusts by location 1972–2016

Ministry for the Environment

Data calculation/treatment

The number of days with a maximum gust in the 99th percentile provide information on the frequency of extreme wind events. Percentiles are obtained from all available daily maximum wind gust data.

Limitations of the data

For some months and years there are no summary data available due to missing daily values. If there are any missing daily data a monthly or annual statistic is not calculated. In some cases older (mostly closed) climate stations were located very near to the currently open station locations (ie often located within 500m of each other). Where possible, the data records from these older stations were used to extend the data series back in time.

Data provided by

Ministry for the Environment

Dataset name

Environmental Reporting: Extreme wind 2016



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Import & extraction details

File as imported: Environmental Reporting: Extreme wind 2016

From the dataset Environmental Reporting: Extreme wind 2016, this data was extracted:

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Dataset originally released on:

October 12, 2017

Method of collection/Data provider

Original wind datasets for 30 New Zealand locations were obtained from CLIDB, and updated by infilling missing data. This was achieved by using daily station data from nearby locations. In addition, time series extensions were performed where older (mostly closed) climate stations were located very near to the currently open station locations.