Accommodation - Capacity, guests and occupancy rates by accommodation type and RTO area (Monthly) Jan 2001–Mar 2018

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Capacity (stay-unit nights available): basic measure of an establishment's accommodation capacity. It is defined as one stay unit multiplied by one night. For example, 10 units in a motel available for guest use (whether occupied or not) for the full 31 days in July would have a capacity of 310 stay-unit nights.
Guest night: equivalent to one guest spending one night at an establishment. For example, a motel with 15 guests spending two nights would report that they had provided 30 guest nights.
Occupancy rate: calculated by dividing stay-unit nights occupied by stay-unit nights available. For example, if a hotel had 60 of its 100 rooms occupied every night in August, it would have 60 x 31 = 1,860 stay-unit nights occupied, and its occupancy rate would be 60 percent.
Stay unit: unit of accommodation that is available to be charged out to guests (such as a room in a hotel or motel, a bed in a backpacker establishment, or a site in a caravan park).
RTO: Regional Tourism Organisation. Please find map here:

Data calculation/treatment

The geographical areas are defined for the RTOs, or Regional Tourism Organisations. These do not adhere to official geographical boundaries for Regions or Territorial Authority. Please find map here:
Daily capacity is measured on the last day of the month.
For hotels and motels, daily capacity equates to the number of rooms available on the last day of the month.
For backpackers daily capacity equates to the number of beds available, and for holiday parks daily capacity is the same as the number of sites available.


Hotels includes both hotels and resorts.
Motels includes motor inns, apartments and motels.
Backpackers includes both backpackers and hostels.
Holiday parks includes both caravan parks and camping grounds.


Establishments classified as hosted accommodation (private hotels, bed and breakfasts, and farmstays)
Establishments that are temporarily closed for more than 14 days during a month are excluded from the results.
Establishments with a GST turnover of less than $30,000 are generally excluded from the survey.
Establishments primarily offering accommodation for periods of one month or more are excluded from the survey.

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Accommodation Survey: RTO by variable (Monthly) March 2018


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About this dataset

The Accommodation Survey is a monthly survey that provides information about short-term commercial accommodation activity at national, regional, and lower levels. Statistics NZ runs the survey, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Information from the survey is used by regional tourism organisations, local and national government, and the accommodation industry for monitoring and planning. Statistics produced from the survey include guest night numbers, capacity, and occupancy rates.