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All percentages are based on counts which have been randomly rounded to base 3. Therefore, the figures may not sum to 100 percent. Results should be treated with caution due to the small number of ISPs in some categories.


The IPv6 is the next generation Internet protocol which greatly expands the IP number space and is the approved standard to replace IPv4
Already available: Does not indicate that all Internet connections provided by these ISPs use IPv6, but that it is available through at least some of their connections.

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The Internet Service Provider (ISP) Survey is a survey sent to all New Zealand-based Internet service providers. The target population for the ISP Survey in 2018 was 92 businesses


Businesses that provided other Internet services, such as web and domain hosting, but that did not provide ISP services, were excluded from the population. This is because the primary activity of an ISP is providing a connection to the Internet. Web-hosting units do not meet this condition, but rather, provide Internet-based services. Businesses that provide only occasional or unmetered access (including Internet cafes, kiosks, libraries, and universities) are also excluded. The activity of this group is covered by the ISP each business subscribes to, and so do not need to be surveyed separately.

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Internet Service Provider Survey: Availability of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) 2018


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October 08, 2018

Purpose of collection

The main objective of the ISP Survey is to provide the government with information on the total number and nature of the subscribers that use New Zealand based ISPs to connect either permanently or regularly to the internet.

Method of collection/Data provider

The Internet service provider survey used to be a postal survey of all businesses that meet the population selection criteria. In 2018 Stats NZ tried a new online mode for the survey.