Tax - Active customers by entity type 2001–2017

Inland Revenue


Active customers are
- Inland Revenue customers with any registered activity within a specific period, or
- salary and wage earners whose only relationship with Inland Revenue is having PAYE deducted and paid on their behalf within a specific period.
Individuals: Customers not registered for GST or PAYE and not belonging to large enterprises (LE) or non-profit organisations (NPO).
Entity type: A classification of customers based on their legal structure and tax obligations. These include companies, diplomatic missions, government departments, individuals, Māori authorities, partnerships, society/clubs, superannuation funds, trusts, unit trusts.

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Limitations of the data

Figures for 2017 are provisional, hence they are not shown on the chart.

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Inland Revenue

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Tax Statistics: Active customers by entity type 2017


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At URL provided, download the Excel data for 'Active customers by entity type 2008 to 2017'.

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November 24, 2017

Method of collection/Data provider

Tax statistics include only data collected by Inland Revenue.
Some numbers in the tables are rounded, which means the totals are not always consistent with the sums across the corresponding categories.
Tax statistics are dynamic and are continuously updated due to return filing processes. The data is correct as of the date of extraction.