Innovation-related cooperation activities of businesses in New Zealand

By business size, 2013, % of businesses with cooperative arrangements for innovation


Percentages are of all New Zealand businesses in each business size or industry category who had cooperative arrangements for the purpose of innovation.

Percentages will add to more than 100 percent as businesses can use more than one reason.


ANZSIC06: Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification System 2006.

Business Frame: a register of all businesses operating in New Zealand.

Employees: the number of employees is defined by an enterprise's rolling mean employment (RME) count. RME is a 12-month moving average of the monthly employment count (EC) figure. The EC is obtained from tax data.

Enterprise: a business or service entity operating in New Zealand. It can be a company, partnership, trust, estate, incorporated society, producer board, local or central government organisation, voluntary organisation, or self-employed individual.

Goods and services tax (GST): Respondents are asked to exclude GST if possible in the financial figures they provide in the questionnaire. If they do not exclude GST, we take out GST to make all enterprises comparable.

Last financial year: for this survey, refers to the last financial year for which the business had results available at August.

Data calculation/treatment

ation. This was continued until all the variables had a response.

Limitations of the data

Sampling error tables available at

The Business Operations Survey results are subject to measurement errors, including both non-sample and sample errors. These errors should be considered when analysing the results from the survey.

Changes to data collection/processing

Because of the large range of data needed, Statistics NZ developed an integrated, modular survey – the Business Operations Survey – to collect the required information and minimise the reporting load for New Zealand businesses. The survey was designed to include a range of ‘modules’ and has been run annually by Statistics NZ since 2005.

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Business Operations Survey: Detailed tables 2013


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