Value of cargo imported by sea through Port Otago (Port Chalmers), New Zealand

Cost insurance and freight, year ended June 1989–2018, NZD millions

Data calculation/treatment

Imports are valued at CIF (cost including insurance and freight) and are shown in New Zealand dollars. These values are converted from foreign currencies when import documents are processed by the NZCS. The exchange rates used are set by the NZCS each fortnight.


  • goods that add to the stock of material resources in New Zealand as a result of their movement into the country (also included as part of merchandise trade)
  • goods being returned after repair or modification from overseas, and replacements
  • goods on short-term loan or lease
  • returnable containers and samples
  • short shipped goods.


  • large one-off imports of transport equipment, for example aircraft, shipping vessels, oil rigs etc, that arrive in or depart from the country under their own power (included as part of merchandise trade)
  • goods imported for use by foreign armed forces or for official representatives of overseas countries (other than motor vehicles)
  • consignments valued under $1,000
  • goods in transit or trans-shipment goods
  • ships and aircraft on commercial visits
  • currency transactions in gold, silver and current coin
  • passengers' baggage (other than dutiable imports)
  • fish and other sea products landed in New Zealand
  • temporary imports into New Zealand (eg yachts visiting New Zealand) for which goods and services tax (GST) is not payable.

Data provided by

Stats NZ

Dataset name

Overseas Cargo Statistics: Total Imports by New Zealand Port (Annual-Jun) 2018


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Imports and exports > Overseas Cargo Statistics > Total Imports by New Zealand Port (Annual-Jun). Select all variables.

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File as imported: Overseas Cargo Statistics: Total Imports by New Zealand Port (Annual-Jun) 2018

From the dataset Overseas Cargo Statistics: Total Imports by New Zealand Port (Annual-Jun) 2018, this data was extracted:

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This data forms the table Trade - Total imports by New Zealand port (Annual-Jun) 1989–2018.

Dataset originally released on:

August 24, 2018

About this dataset

Overseas cargo statistics, like overseas merchandise trade statistics, are sourced from export and import entry documents lodged with the New Zealand Customs Service (NZCS). The data is processed and passed to Stats NZ for further editing and compilation. Overseas cargo statistics record the value and gross weight of all goods loaded or unloaded at New Zealand seaports and airports.