New Zealand's energy self-sufficiency by fuel type

1990–2015, indigenous production as % of primary energy supply


Energy intensity: a measure of the energy used (in MJ) per unit of GDP. It is influenced by the composition of industry within the economy, improvements in energy efficiency, and changes in behaviour.
Energy self-sufficiency: the ratio of indigenous production of energy to total primary energy supply (TPES)

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Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment

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Energy in New Zealand: Energy Indicators 2016


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At URL provided, select 'Energy indicators' from under the 'View webtables' heading half-way down the page.

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File as imported: Energy in New Zealand: Energy Indicators 2016

From the dataset Energy in New Zealand: Energy Indicators 2016, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: Energy_Self-Sufficiency
  • Range: C11:AB17
  • Provided: 182 data points

This data forms the table Energy - Energy self-sufficiency 1990–2015.

Dataset originally released on:

October 10, 2016