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Students completing doctoral degrees in education in New Zealand



Students who complete a qualification that can be assigned to more than one field have been counted in each field, so the sum of the various fields may not add to the total.
Totals include those students with unknown values.

Data calculation/treatment

Data have been rounded to the nearest 5 to protect the privacy of individuals.


Doctoral degrees include PhDs and other doctorates but exclude higher doctorates.

Data provided by

Ministry of Education

Dataset name

Tertiary Education Research: Research Performance 2020



How to find the data

At URL provided, select 'Research Performance' Excel file.

Import & extraction details

File as imported: Tertiary Education Research: Research Performance 2020

From the dataset Tertiary Education Research: Research Performance 2020, this data was extracted:

  • Sheet: RSP.9
  • Range: C5:N16
  • Provided: 144 data points

This data forms the table Tertiary Education - Students completing doctoral degrees by field of study 2005–2019.

Dataset originally released on:

August 2020

About this dataset

This dataset includes statistics relating to the nature and amount of research undertaken in tertiary education.